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Questions & Answers

The following questions I have received via email, and I have only identified the gender of the sender on this webpage. If you have a question or comment, send me an email, and tell me if you are male or female. Questions or comments that have not been addressed here I will add as time permits.

Male: How the hell does a man just sit there with his *penis* inside but not start having sex??? Seems ludricrous.
Answer: Try it, you will like it. Within a few minutes your sex drive will subside and relaxation will become paramount.

Female: I don't want my husband to know what I'm trying. How do I get him to sit still long enough for it to work? I'm sure he'll like if he'd just try it first.
Answer: I always suggest the truth. If he doesn't want to do it, you shouldn't make him. Of course, men do have to sleep...but you didn't hear me say that.

Female: Can I (or should I) make him do things he won't normally do?
Answer: Yes you can, and if you want him to do those things, then yes you should. It will make you happy, and he will be happy too, so it is always a win-win situation.

Female: I don't want to change his personality!
Answer: Personality and behavior are two separate things. Marriage changes a person over time, but this is not considered mind-control. But women will continue to nag their mates and deny them sexual contact, all for what reason? To change their mates. What copulin transmission does is allow a woman to modify her mate's behavior...the personality is still there.

Male: I tried it with my girlfriend (I am married) and it didn't work.
Answer: How long have you been with your girlfriend? The longer you are together, the more time her copulins will "adjust" to you. I'd suggest trying it with your wife for better results.

Male: This stuff is scary. My girlfriend has joked about making me rob a bank sometime. Could she do that?
Answer: I seriously doubt it. Controlled studies have demonstrated that men will simply reject ideas that they are strongly opposed to. If you are not strongly opposed to committing crimes, then she may be successful.

Female: I read on another site where men forgot stuff and did things at the ring of a bell. Is that true?
Answer: Yes, the study is true.

Female: I have been doing this for years and never knew how it worked. I'm glad now to have reasons for why my husband's been so nice even though we rarely have sex anymore.

Female: My husband is very happy now, and very helpful. Thanks for sharing, our marriage has become even better.

Female: He does all the housework, everything, and he is so happy about it! Its a miracle!

Male: When my wife told me about this stuff I thought she was nuts. I have to admit that I am liking it but I'm embarrassed about it sometimes.
Answer: One should never feel embarrassed about a process that is supposed to happen, especially in a marriage. If it is a male ego thing, I'm sure you and your wife can keep it between yourselves.

Female: Can I undo something I did to change him? I mean I love all the work he's doing around the house, I feel like a queen, but I'm afraid he'll figure it out and be mad about it.
Answer: Yes, you can always change his behavior, the same way you changed it in the first place. Remember that marriage itself is a change of behavior, so this is no different. Unless you tell him why he's making you feel like a queen, he'll never know. If you tell him, I'm sure he won't mind anyway. One thing that is always true: when a male is under the influence of copulins, they just don't get mad. Everything you do or say is fine with them. So I doubt you have anything to worry about.

Female: Okay. so I've been doin this to him for several months now. See, he's doin all the stuff around the house, and just a real sweetie. I'm too happy with this to tell him why he's so excited to do everything, but I'm kinda getting a self conshieus feeling that its not fair to him. What should I do?
Answer: Ask this question of yourself: Are you happier now, and is he happier now? If you have a double "yes", then why feel self-conscious for doing your marriage a favor? Stop the copulins for a few weeks and you'll most likely have a grumpy, distracted and dissatisfied husband. You gave him focus and purpose, but when you take it away, he subconsciously knows he's missing something.

Male: My wife and I are concerned that I'm not as sex crazed as I was before. My worry is that I'm losing it. Her worry is that I don't find her sexually attractive anymore.
Answer: I can't answer this one because I don't know the full situation. If you had a healty sex life before, it is still there. All that has happened is that you are more concerned with what makes you both happy, and whatever she has told you did not include sex. If she desires sex, then while coupling she should tell you to begin sex. The old passion should come right back. If it doesn't, I'd suggest stopping the coupling for a few weeks, and if things don't turn around, the problem may have nothing to do with the effects of copulins and you may have to look elsewhere for its cause.

Female: Husband said his *penis* felt numb the first time we tried it. He won't do it now because he said it felt weird. Is this normal?
Answer: I have updated my website in answer to your question. Yes, this is normal. Most men lose tactile feeling in their genitals. I have long wondered at this purpose, and don't slay me when I give you my theory: I think this allows a woman to get copulins into a male without him knowing it, such as during sleep or snuggling. Many males (I attribute male machismo) would balk if they knew a woman's purposes, so as with all things, nature has given women yet another way to achieve a stronger partnership.

Female: If he gets more copulins, is the effect stronger?
Answer: No, the effect reaches a plateau and then that's it. However, if he gets a lot of copulins at a time, the gonads are filled, and then the copulins are "fed" to the hypothalamus over an extended period of time. So, as long as he has copulins stored in his gonads, he keeps getting them, up to 36 or even 48 hours. Men who have gone several weeks or months of constant copulin transmission describe themselves as "walking on top of the world", or "the happiest they've ever been." If you think about it, the males are the lucky one's in this arrangement.

Female: My husband used to spend more time with his friends than with me and his sons. I changed that but then let it slide. But it stuck. He's still here, still paying us more attention. Are his feelings real, or is it just because of the copulins?
Answer: Any time you plant an idea WITH a good reason behind it, he will see the logic behind it. You planted a good idea, and even after the effects wore off, he "sees the light". While men are "under the influence", they are not just mindless robots--they are justifying their actions in their own minds, even if the only reason they come up with is "I'm making her happy". This reasoning sticks.

Female: (Comment) I have noticed when I tell my husband something late in coupling, what I said becomes fact to him from then on. But when I tell him something the day after, it is more of a "what I say is right" attitude, but it doesn't stick. Example, during coupling I told him when I said a certain word, he would always feel great, or another word would make him feel like his balls were being squeezed. These words work to this day, even if we have not coupled for weeks. These "power" words work excellent at keeping him motivated and in mystification of my power. He's happy, I'm happy.

Female: Some things I tell him just wear off after a few days.
Answer: I would guess that the things that wear off quickest are those things he is opposed to anyway. Am I correct?
Female: Yes. So he's fighting it?
Answer: No, he has no idea why he was doing what you had told him, but the reasons he was opposed to it in the first place is always there, and unless you told him a good reason for why he should do what you had said, his own logic will win out. You can say, "You like soap operas now", but within a few days he will question why he likes them and come up with no reasons, and therefore stop liking soap operas. On the flip side, if you said, "You like soap operas now because your wife enjoys your company and this will strengthen your marriage", then you'd probably have him watching every soap opera you wanted. Good Luck, it's all in the way you word it.

Female: I have to argue with you and Dr. McKenzie that
*oral sex* does not have the same effect. I get the
same results with my husband either way, and sometimes
him giving me oral sex works even faster.
Answer: Recently, Dr. McKenzie has determined that the
use of talc (baby powder) on the vagina may facilitate
copulins to becoming airborne. The copulins attach to
the powder particles and are inhaled by the male, or
enter the bloodstream via the eyes (which would
explain why it works faster). Do you use powders of
any sort?
Female: Yes.
Answer: Try having your husband give you oral sex
without powder and let me know the results. My guess
is that the copulins will have little to no effect on
him. Any couples out there willing to test this one?

Female & Male: we discovered this on our own some time
ago and we appreciate the scientific explanation. the
wife is nervous about the possibilities and the risks.
the husband is relieved to know he's not the only
one. does menopause reduce the amount of vaginal
production of fluids and copulins?
Answer: Menopause will not affect the copulins
usually, but it can decrease the fluid production.
See my website for dietary supplements that can help
(oats, ginger tablets or gingko biloba tablets).

Female: I wanted to comment on the one lady who said
this is wrong and immoral. God gave men more muscles
than females, and they aren't afraid to use it. God
gave us this gift, so you too should'nt be afraid to
use it. My husband is the same guy I married 16 years
ago, same personality. Nothing's changed except we
are both much happier now. He does not know about the
existence of coplins, and I think its for the best
because its the natural way it should be.
Answer: Well spoken!

Question: Does menopaus effect copulins (the amount)? Answer: Menopause will not affect the copulins usually, but it can decrease the fluid production. See my website for dietary supplements that can help.

Female: I use "power" words like the lady commenting here. I find it works wonders at keeping my boyfriend happy even long after we are "together". Because with a word I can make him feel pleasure or pain, he sees me like a magic power, and has a...lot of respect for me always. He loves me because I can bring him pleasure instantly, and also because I can make any punishment pain immediately vanish. I love it.

Tips & Tricks

I often receive emails from women who want advice on how to improve the effectiveness of copulins or the process. Below are some frequently asked questions that I felt fit in this category.

How can I make my copulins work faster?
I got many questions about strength of copulins from woman to woman, from day to day. The key is not the strength of the copulins, because research appears to confirm that copulins from one woman to the next have the same effectiveness. The key is the fluid in which the copulins travel. The more the fluid, the better. Some women produce more vaginal fluid than others. A diet high in oats is suggested to increase vaginal fluid. The single most effective dietary supplement is a daily gingko biloba or ginger tablet. Another factor is how well the copulins are "pumped" into the penile duct. The vaginal walls of most women will involuntarily contract. Some women, especially those whom have experienced endemitriosis, have no contractions, thus the vaginal fluid can only seep into the penis instead of being proactively pumped by the contracting vaginal walls. Women who feel they're vaginal walls are not contracting can voluntarily do this and the effects of the copulins should increase. Lastly, position of coupling can make a difference (see the next tip).

Anything better than having him lay on me for an hour? This is very uncomfortable:
The "male on top" position is the least effective. Consider gravity. The "woman on top" is most effective (copulins appear to take half the time to do their work), but not much more comfortable. A happy medium is the side-by-side position, or the "snuggler's position". The studies done by McKenzie had couples in the "male on top" position, and the times for copulins to take effect were skewed. The average time in the "male on top" position was 1.5 hours; side-by-side position was 45 minutes; "woman on top" was only 15 minutes.

Getting him ready for the first time:
Many women I hear from say their man would never go for this if they knew the effects. The more often couples couple, however, the more accepting the man becomes. So it is important to handle the first time with sensitivity and care. If your male partner is completely against doing this, I urge you to not push him towards it. However, remaining coupled after intercourse for as long as you can keep him will help steer him in the right direction. Never force the issue as it causes fear (of the unknown) and resentment (jealousy).

Getting yourself ready for the first time:
The first hurdle most women have to overcome usually is guilt. Many females have sent me scathing emails since I first posted this website. They say this is wrong, evil, mind-control, and immoral. Here's a sample: "If women didn't like their men the way they were when they were married, then why did they marry them in the first place? Changing behavior is not only wrong, its against God." I can only reply with end results: married couples who have discovered this find a new level of happiness they never had before. Also, I might point out that women change male behavior anyway. Is your husband now the same man he was when you married him? Chances are, the longer you've been married, the more each partner has changed for the other. Of the couples I've kept in contact with, those where the female fully utilized their God-given ability were the most happy with each other: the females are more fulfilled by their mate's attention paid to them; males find pleasing their partner the greatest joy in their lives. What else could possibly make a marriage so successful? I believe wholeheartedly this ability is a gift to both women and men who believe in the success of monogamy.