Copulins: The most powerful of hormones.
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Welcome to my research on copulins.
The purpose of this site is to educate the general public about the female hormone, copulins. These hormone-like pseudo-psychological chemicals are emitted by female primates, and allow the female to affect--and even control--the male hypothalamus. Copulins are a mixture of vaginal acids suspended in vaginal fluids and are secreted near the presence of male semen, or become airborne and transmitted to nearby males.

Without being so technical, what are copulins?
-Copulins are chemicals secreted by a female's vagina.

-Research since the mid to late 90s has proven that copulins can affect and even control a male's brain. It's long been known that a female's "pheromones" can affect certain male behavior. Pheromones will affect how a male behaves sexually toward the female, but copulins will affect a male's dominant/submissive behavior. Each female's copulins will affect each male's behavior differently and at different levels. A female whose copulins have a strong effect on a particular male may notice the male wanted to please her, offer gifts, and do what she wants. This is not a sexually driven need to please, but an unconscious reflex, and the female may notice there is no limit to what the male will do for her.

Purpose of this Research
Scientific community:
The purpose of this research is to prove that many of the traditional beliefs concerning copulins are based on invalid or insufficient conclusions. The definition is evolving almost every day, and my research findings will show that, not only are the traditional definitions of copulins falling short of the true nature of these powerful compounds, but are altogether incorrect.

General Public:
The secondary purpose is to reveal to the public something that has been kept under lock & key for reasons that are not being explained. I have tried to present this information in layperson terms, because I feel women and men everywhere have a right to know. At the risk of my career, I have done this research on my own, with my own funding. Contributions and volunteer research subjects are always welcome.

What does this mean to me?
Most couples who have been together long enough know that the female has the ability to "control" the male's behavior. Often a male's behavior becomes significantly submissive to the female; at other times the male is quite dominant.

What does the female do to cause the male to become submissive? There was no scientific explanation for it until the discovery of copulins.

When copulins are transmitted from female to male, a dramatic change occurs: the male's brain is completely open to the female's input. Anything a woman says to her mate becomes his own thoughts. Call it marital mind-control, brainwashing, or whatever, but copulins have proven to improve relationships dramatically.

Copulins are Mother Nature's way of creating a chemical bond between the male and female, and to even the odds between the female and the physically stronger male.

I invite you to explore the magic of copulins. Browse this site and learn why copulins are the most powerful of hormones.


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